UK Suppliers

This page lists suppliers and give their contact information and a profile of them.

R C Yachts Swanley.

Mike Weston is a very experienced Micro Magic Skipper and has many years of experience building Micro Magics, his “Champ” boats are sailed by the Top UK Skippers and All of the top placed UK boats at the 2011 Euros were indeed built by Mike. He offers a wide range of products a fast an friendly service and he is always willing to help and advise.

Mike Weston
RC Yachts
Tel: 01322 666363



Graphite Creative

Graphite Creative run by John Tushingham offer a full range of Micro Magic Sails and Rigs and are the choice of top skippers not only in the UK but across the world and like Mikes “Champ” boats the top place UK boats at the 2011 Euros where using Graphite sails and rigs.

Graphite Creative

John Tushingham

Tel: 01943 816808


C M Yachts

Mike Clifton holds the full range of Micro Magic kits and The ARTR Mk2 along with a good range of spares.



Tel: 01234 822408 (Mon-Fri 10.00-15.30 GMT)


Nigel Brown is a sailmaker for full size sails and now has diversified into model yacht sail making.


telephone  07884407871

Sail Numbers

For stick on sail numbers please contact Keith Tyson email:                                                                                                        Tele: 01903 247842


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