Micro Magic National Championships 2012 Report

Micro Magic National Championships 16 – 17 June 2012

Hosted By Hampton Court Model Yacht Club

There was a good turn out 34 boats with 4 skippers from Madrid, 1 from Portugal 2 from the Netherlands and the Furthest from Arizona USA.

Day one saw blustery winds gusting up to 35 knots most skippers started off with “D” rigs. The early leaders were John Tushingham and Buzz Coleman. As the day went on the wind got stronger but the rain held off, by early afternoon, the skippers that had “E” rigs changed down, the conditions saw some skippers retiring and others have technical problems, several sail servos burnt out under the severe conditions. Any one with rigs larger than “D” withdrew after race 4, a further 3 races were carried out and the decision was made to abandon the further races because of the conditions, this decision was almost unanimous.

Day 2 saw better conditions 12 knots gusting 20 most people sported “B” rigs or the whole of the day a couple changed down to “C” rigs after lunch because a weather front moved through but quickly changed back, “B” rigs were the correct choice.

Day two defiantly favoured the europeans as the started to move up the leader board with Max Kettner achieving several first and second places in the A fleet but John Tushingham’s lead was to big by this time. Mike Weston had a spate of bad luck, on day one he tripped over a rabbit hole and fell in the lake then on day two he had a series of poor finishes but despite these problems he managed to finish in fourth place. Peter Spence had 2 first place finishes and 2 second places on day two putting him into fourth place, Buzz Coleman hug in finishing in third place, and Jorge Camilo from Portugal took 6th place.

The event was well organised by Hampton Court MYC and the feed back on the day and since has been very good. Despite the weather it was a very enjoyable event.

Barrie Norman

UKMMA Treasurer / Membership Secretary


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